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Today I woke up a little bit before 11 am. I was gonna go to get a coffe with E. and she was gonna pick me up around noon. After checking my email, watching a little bit of tv and getting ready - she picked me up and we went to Lansky's to get some Pizza instead of Coffee.

The weather today was pretty nice. I think it was in the 80 or something. The only moments I was freezing today was in Lansky's and on the way back from dinner in B.'s convertible. haha (:

Back to lunch w/ E. We got a delicious Garden Pizza w/ some good stuff on it, that is waiting to get eaten by me in the fridge. haha (: We talked a little bit ; about going back and how Imma gonna handle the airport situation and everything. 

After lunch we headed to her house to see if C. was there. E. also showed me my profile from when I came here. Wow, I was skinny as hell. Back then I didn't think that of course but no I think that I was very skinny. 126 pounds. I don't know and I don't wanna know how much I weight now. haha (: Then we went to Michaels and I bought a Scrapbook and some sweet stuff for it. I've never tried making one but after seeing C.'s I thought it might be a good idea to keep all the memories of this amazing year in a book. I also wanna buy a map of B. and put little dots all over the map and little descriptions. Like: that's where I lived, that's where we went to watch movies etc. All that nice stuff (: I mean, I am not a very creative person but I wanna at least try to make a Scarpbook.

After showing E. how to do some stuff on myspace she brought me back to the house and I smoked a cigarette and got ready for K.'s dinner party at the upstream in O. B. was suppossed to pick up money from her account that E. put on there for me but it didn't work out so we went back to the bank after I gave her the transfernumber E. gave me. It still didn't work so now I am kinda worried because I have -16 Dollars left and I still need to pay over a 100 $ for my extra bag. I really hope the money is gonna be there tomorrow!!

Of course I was late for K.'s dinner but not a lot of people were there yet so it didn't really matter. After taking with her a little bit about her C. trip we order. I order Seasoned vegetables with Gnocchi. The same thing I ordered at the day of homecoming, when we went to the Upstream. It was okay. What kinda pissed me off though was, that they included the tax. I would never have given the waiter 3 $ tax. But I guess that's a G. thing haha (:

K. and I also got some awsome balloon helmets cause the people we were with told the ballon guy that we are leaving soon.

So, about the leaving stuff. I am excited to leave kinda. It is like a rollercoaster - I am not even kidden. One day I really really really wanna go home but then the next day I just really really really wanna stay here. It is so weird but according to E. normal.

I gotta go (:

Love, L.

17.6.08 05:52

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