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Goodmorning everybody :D Today I was supposed to go to a baseball game. (Fresno State - North Carolina) But I didn't feel well this morning so I decided not to go. I get sick whenever there is a lot going on so yeah. That's probably why. Plus, B. was cooking Bacon in the kitchen earlier and that disgusting smell makes me sick. Ugh

Well, even though I am not going to the CWS today I still have a shitload to do today. I am gonna pack my suitcases,  burn all my shit on cd s, write an email to my parents, watch tv and play pokemon :D

Omg, I LOVE POKEMON. Pokemon is the BEST BEST BEST game ever invented. I am not even kidding! I have the yellow edition and I am naming all the Pokemons after friends. (: hihi It is so much fun. Really!

Good news: The money is finally here. E. wrote me an email this morning saying that it didn't work and W.U. had some problems with transfering the money. But it worked :D I am so excited. The money is gonna be gone faster than anybody can imagine. I have to put at least 200 Dollars aside for extra bag fees and all that shit for the flight. Then I am gonna buy flowers for E., S. and B.. Idk how much many I should spent on that though. I think I am gonna go with like 20 ?! But that'd be already 80 dollars. Haha, I'll figure it out. And I have to buy a lot of stuff for my soon-to be scrapbook. I am not gonna start it until I am back in G. so I need to buy the stuff know since I don't think they have a lot of that stuff in G.

People, I have only 10 days left before I am leaving. Scary thought. Really !

Omg, most of you probably haven't heard about the tornados in Nebraska/Iowa. So I am gonna tell you about them. In a boy scout camp in little sioux, iowa four boy scouts got killed during the tornado =[

There were about 96 boy scouts and some adults and workers at the camp when the tornado hit.

terrible =[

Love, L.



17.6.08 20:00

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