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Hello my friends, how is everybody doing today ? My day was alright. I chilled a lot. Watched tv, smoked and ate. That's pretty much about it.

I am watching Tila Tequila - a shot at love. Very amusing. Really (: haha. I wonder who she's gonna chose. Well, in the internet they say that it is gonna be Kristy but we'll see. I really have to find out when the last episode is so I can watch it. I know, reality series are so dumb but I could watch them forever. I watched Flipping Out today. haha. The guy on that show, his name is Jeff looks like he got lip surgery on his upper lip. But not the whole lip only the right and left part. It looks like they didn't do the middle part of his upper lip. Kinda funny.

Isn't it sad though how many reality series there are nowadays? The Real World, Tila Tequila, I love New York, Flavor of Love, Flipping Out, The Real Housewives,... . I miss the good, old shows like Desperate Housewives (I know that they are still playing some of the episodes but it isn't even near as much as the play reality shows.)

Whenever I turn the tv on I see the same people, same showconcept only with different people. It is ridicilous. But obviously it works. haha (:

I so got used to watching tv. It is ridicilous. In G. I didn't watch that much tv. Only a few of the shows. Some gossip magazins and charmed. That was about it. But here, turning the tv on is the first thing that gets done in the morning and it is pretty much on for the whole day. I am really wondering how and if I am gonna survive without having the tv and internet on 24/7. That's sounds weird. I mean I know that I can survive without it. It is just one of my new habits now and it is not a good one. So I am gonna chance that.

Love, L

18.6.08 04:58

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