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R. has an appartment that she shares with J. They both pay like 200 dollars plus water and tv and all that stuff. Since summer started she didn't stay there for a single night. She kinda has a job but she got in a fight with one of the girls there so now she just works there like once a week. She pays the rent out of her college money. B. still pays for her cellphone, car,... . Isn't that ridicilous? Why can't she not get a real job. That really pays instead of fucking around like this? I'd get so mad if she'd be my daugther. And since she doesn't "really" live her she thinks that she doesn't have to help with chores. Result: She sleeps in and I am doing the chores while she is buying clothes and shit that she doesn't have the money for. WOW! I'd be embaressed to use my parenst like this.

Another thing that pisses me off big time is people who are not on time. If it ever occurs that I am not on time that's gonna be the fault of somebody else. I am not even kidding. As soon as I notice that I am late for an appointment/meeting/lunch or whatever I got this very weird feeling in my stomach. It is ridicilous but I really hate people that are late. I hate waiting for people. Why can't everybody just be on time and be there when they said there are gonna be there? People, it is seriously not that hard!

Wah, okay. Now that i've let out all my anger her the good news: I went to M. today to buy a shitload of stuff for my scrapbook. I found so much sweet stuff. I had to pay a shitload of money for it though. Haha. Sometimes I wish I had like a million or so that I could just spend without worrying. I mean, I am not poor or anything like that but I really hate spending money. Haha

Lunch with Mrs F was amazing. It was so much fun! It was sooo good seing her after so long even though I wasn't in the best mood today. It kinda sucked actually cause I was so excited to see her again but then I wake up and I am in such a bad mood. Ugh. I hate that.

Another thing that pisses me off: Curfew. Why does there have to be a Curfew for everything ? I mean, isn't it actually safer during the night ? Not so many cars equla less potantial for accidents. Haha. But that's my opinion. Curfew in B. is 10. Isn't that ridicilous ?

Enough complaining, I gotta go. Play some more pokemon. Hach, I am such a loser.

Love, L.

P.S.: I am in looooove

18.6.08 22:25

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